Having children and bringing up a family can and does cost thousands of pounds over the years, potentially causing financial pressure and stress due to usually only one parent working, at least for a while during the early stages.

Going through this process requires focus on many issues surrounding raising a family and considering a tax rebate is often overlooked by thousands of young families. A rebate at a crucial time could be incredibly helpful if funds are running low or there is another expense to cover.

Since babies typically don’t wait for the start or end of the tax year to arrive, many mothers leave their employment during the year, resulting in the very likely scenario of being due a tax refund since their tax free allowance for that particular year would probably have been incorrectly calculated. This is beause payrolls tend to deduct tax on the assumption the employee will be working for a full tax year.

The converse to this is mothers who go back to work after giving birth, and they will likely begin a new employment halfway through the existing tax year, with the same situation taking place.

If either of these scenarios apply to you within the last 4 years, you could be in line to receive your part of the millions of unclaimed taxes that Revenue collects each year.

claimtax@claimtax.co.uk is waiting for your email. Alternatively go to the Downloads page to complete a questionnaire.

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