PAYE Tax Refunds

The most common reasons for being eligible for a PAYE tax refund are that:
  • You have had more than one job at the same time.
  • You have been travelling and/or have worked less than a full tax year.
  • You started a new job have been taxed at emergency tax rates.

With Claimtax you pay only


of your refund.

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What You Need

  • Original P45s
  • Original P60s
  • Original Statements of earnings

P45 – document you get from your employer when you leave during a tax year.
P60 – document you get from your employer when the tax year ends.
Statement of Earnings (SOE) – document employers issue if P45/P60 is missing. This contains the same information as P45/P60, but on a company letterhead.

These documents would be required from each employment you had in the UK either:

  • since you arrived in the UK or
  • since the last time you submitted a tax claim

Example: Frank worked at ABC Ltd from 3 October 2014 until 4 June 2015. He should have a P60 for the end of the 14/15 tax year, as well as a P45 from when he left on 4 June 2015. If this situation sounds similar to your employment history, please make sure you have your applicable documents from your employer.

UK tax refunds for PAYE average £900

Compare the competition

With Claimtax you pay only


of your refund.

Claimtax 10% fee vs the competition

  • Claimtax 10%
  • Tax Etc (12.5%) charge 25% more than Claimtax! 12.5%
  • (12.65%) charge 26% more than Claimtax! 12.65%
  • Rapid Refunds (17.25%) charge 72% more than Claimtax! 17.25%
  • 1stContact (16%+VAT) charge 84% more than Claimtax! 18.4%
  • Anglo Pacific (18%+VAT) charge 107% more than Claimtax! 20%
  • Refund Direct (18%+VAT) charge 107% more than Claimtax! 20%
  • Tax Buddies (40%) charge 300% more than Claimtax! 40%

Please Note: These prices were correct at time of publication (28 March 2009). If there are any misrepresentations, we will correct them as soon as they are brought to our attention.


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