Self Employment Tax Returns

Anyone who is a sole trader or self employed in the UK is obligated by law to submit a self assessment tax return. Failure to do so will result in fines and interest charges imposed by HMRC.

Unfortunately, completing the self assessment return can be time consuming and complex and people often make simple errors that may result in their having to pay more tax or receive less of a refund than necessary.

Let us help you avoid these pitfalls.

With Claimtax you pay only


What You Need

  • You need to provide your total gross income (before tax).
  • Any tax you may already have paid and a list of expenses that you want to claim. These expenses must be able to be verified by means of receipts and justified as having been incurred purely in the production of income.
  • Any P45/P60/Statement of earnings for each employment you had in addition to your self employed work during the last tax year.

P45 – document you get from your employer when you leave during a tax year.
P60 – document you get from your employer when the tax year ends.
Statement of Earnings (SOE) – document employers issue if P45/P60 is missing. This contains the same information as P45/P60, but on a company letterhead.

Claimtax can help save you both time and money


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