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About Claimtax

With over 12 years of experience dealing with UK tax, Claimtax.co.uk aims to provide a professional Self Assessment and Tax Refund service which is more cost effective, quicker and efficient than all other service providers, for those working in the UK, whether UK citizens or any other nationality. We ensure that our clients receive the maximum refund possible by charging the lowest rates, while delivering top class service. We seek to provide a site and service that helps clarify and simplify the UK tax process in terms of general PAYE tax claims and Self Assessment returns and how it affects you, the client. We aim to provide you with a comprehensive and informative site dedicated to addressing all the major queries that arise from clients about their tax issues, so as to have a single point of reference on this topic. Claimtax.co.uk was founded by a South African whose first job in the UK was to work in London’s leading antipodean tax company at the time. Whilst there, he gained the necessary experience to start his own venture to help friends and family achieve substantial tax refunds and has subsequently expanded to use his experience and expertise in training his staff to help others.

Our Clients

Our clients come from all countries and professions from Aussie, Kiwi and Saffa teachers, students from the UK and the rest of the world, English and foreign physiotherapists, radiographers and others in the medical field, Self Employed graphic designers, Polish and Aussie tradesmen, construction workers, plumbers, bricklayers, carpenters, bar staff, office workers, Limited Company directors, all manner of perm staff and all manner of temp workers. Our services have even been used by Chartered Accountants. We cater for literally anyone who has worked in the UK in any capacity, as there is a very good chance that at some point, you will have been overtaxed during the last 4 tax years, and it is our goal to claim that tax back for you, rather than leaving it languishing in the coffers of HMRC.

I sincerely thank you for your help and timely response in regards to this matter. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to deal with a company that is so efficient and who also knows what they are doing to help you out. In short, thank you, you have been great.

Josh Hardman

South Africa

Paul, You’re bloody magic mate!! I can’t say thanks enough. I can now take it easy and stop worrying about the deadline! Thanks very much for all your persistence. (Tell your boss to give you a raise!)

Matt Parsons


Thank you so much for making this so quick and easy! You have done a superb job. Can’t believe I have already received my £1100! In such tough times every cent counts!! You are magic!

Cara Butler

South Africa

Thank You! I know several friends who are equally as baffled about this whole tax thing as I was initially. I'll forward them in the direction of the best tax agency I've come across (i.e, claimtax.co.uk)...!

Andrew Othieno


Hi Paul, Thank you – you’re a star! I will be recommending you to all my friends!

Lee Williamson


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