CIS Tax Refunds

Those in the CIS (Construction Industry) scheme are almost always due a sizeable tax rebate as they are not allocated a tax free allowance and are able to claim any work related expenses.

CIS contractors are obliged to complete a self assessment tax return at the end of each tax year. Failure to do so will result in unnecessary fines and interest charges imposed by HMRC.

With Claimtax you pay only


of your refund.
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What You Need

  • Records showing your income, expenses and any tax paid during the tax year.
  • Any P45/P60/Statement of earnings for each employment you had in addition to your CIS work during the last tax year.

P45 – document you get from your employer when you leave during a tax year.
P60 – document you get from your employer when the tax year ends.
Statement of Earnings (SOE) – document employers issue if P45/P60 is missing. This contains the same information as P45/P60, but on a company letterhead.

UK tax refunds for CIS average £1400

Compare the competition

With Claimtax you pay only


of your refund.
Claimtax 10% fee vs the competition
  • Claimtax 10%
  • Tax Etc (12.5%) charge 25% more than Claimtax! 12.5%
  • (12.65%) charge 26% more than Claimtax! 12.65%
  • Rapid Refunds (17.25%) charge 72% more than Claimtax! 17.25%
  • 1stContact (16%+VAT) charge 84% more than Claimtax! 18.4%
  • Anglo Pacific (18%+VAT) charge 107% more than Claimtax! 20%
  • Refund Direct (18%+VAT) charge 107% more than Claimtax! 20%
  • Tax Buddies (40%) charge 300% more than Claimtax! 40%

Please Note: These prices were correct at time of publication (28 March 2009). If there are any misrepresentations, we will correct them as soon as they are brought to our attention.


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